UTSOPI is the first self-organized collective of sex workers in Belgium, working towards empowerment and autonomy. The two main areas of focus for UTSOPI are:

    - Community development and support for sex workers
    - Advocacy and political representation, with the goal of improving living conditions and recognition for sex workers, including through legislative changes.

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    Reception, social assistance, legal information and guidance on insertion possibilities. Fight against discrimination, exploitation and violence. HIV and STD prevention: sale of condoms, sponges, single-use lubricants at wholesale prices, free preventive medical consultations, free hepatitis B vaccination. Drug addiction: medical consultations and needle exchange. Publication of a magazine.

    The Isala Association reaches out to people in prostitution and offers them support and guidance in their projects and endeavors.
    - Weekly street work
    - Reception desk on Fridays from 3pm to 6pm at 17 rue Marcq, 1000 Brussels
    - Free French lessons during the reception desk hours
    - Telephone helpline at 04 72 35 30 58

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    Street work and reception for people affected by prostitution or human trafficking. Guidance and referral to appropriate services. Information and prevention for young people and social actors. Accommodation capacity.


    The Alias team works with male and trans* sex workers with a focus on health promotion and rights advocacy, particularly in housing and care. Prevention tools and particularly the appropriate use of condoms and lubricants during prostitution activity and in private life.

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